Annual paid leave

In taking up office for the first time, the worker or employee may use his/her paid annual leave after at least 8 months of work (art. 155, para. 2 of LC). At termination of the employment relationship before acquiring 8 months of work experience, the worker or employee shall be entitled to compensation for unused paid annual leave (art. 155, para. 3 of LC and art. 224 of LC). The duration of the basic annual paid leave shall be no less than 20 working days (art. 155, para. 4 of LC). Some categories of employees, depending on the specific nature of the work, shall be entitled to an extended annual paid leave. The categories of workers and employees and the minimum duration of such leave shall be specified by the Council of Ministers (art. 155, para. 5 of LC). Under specific circumstances, the worker or employee shall be entitled to additional annual paid leave (art. 156, para. 1 and 2 of LC).

           The annual paid leave shall be permitted to the employee all at once or in parts (art. 172 of LC). The paid annual leave shall be used by the worker or employee with a written permit by the employer (art. 173 of LC). In the event that during the use of the annual paid leave the employee is granted another type of paid or unpaid leave, upon his/her request the use of the annual paid leave shall be interrupted and the remainder shall be used later by agreement between him/her and the employer (art. 175 of LC). Using the paid annual leave may be postponed for the following calendar year (art. 176 of LC). In those cases where the paid annual leave or a part thereof has not been used within two years from the end of the year it refers to, regardless of the reasons for that, the entitlement to it lapses (art. 176a of LC). For the time of the annual paid leave, the employer shall pay the employee a remuneration calculated from the average daily gross remuneration accrued by the same employer for the last calendar month preceding the use of the leave, during which the employee has worked for at least 10 days (art. 177 of LC). It shall be prohibited to compensate for the annual paid leave in cash, except at the termination of the employment relationship (art. 178 of LC).

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