Part-time work

The monthly duration of the working hours of the workers and the employees on part-time work shall be shorter than the monthly duration of the working hours of the workers and the employees who work under an employment relationship full-time in the same enterprise and perform the same or similar work. In case on the same or similar job there are no workers and employees employed full-time, the comparison shall be made only with respect to the duration of the monthly working time of the rest of the workers and employees at the enterprise (art. 138, para. 2 of LC). The workers and the employees working part-time may not be put in less favourable position only because of the part-time duration of their working hours compared to the workers and the employees, party to a full-time labour contract, performing the same or similar work at the enterprise. They shall be entitled to the same rights and have the same obligations as the workers and the employees, working full time, unless the law stipulates the use of some rights as depending on the duration of the worked off working hours, the length of service, the qualification they have and others (art. 138, para. 3 of LC). An employment contract for part of the statutory working time shall be deemed as such with normal working hours, where permitted by law, in those cases where the control authorities find that the worker or employee party to the contract works beyond his/her working hours, and the conditions for overtime work are not present (art. 138, para. 4 of LC).

In case of reduction of the amount of work, the employer can establish part-time work for a period of up to three months in a calendar year for the workers and employees in the enterprise or in its unit, employed full time, upon preliminary coordination with the representatives of the trade union organizations and the representatives of the workers and employees (art. 138a, para. 1 of LC). The duration of the part-time work cannot be less than half of the legally established for the period of calculation of the working time (art. 138a, para. 2 of LC). The law stipulates obligations for the employer with a view to creating a possibility for shifting from full-time to part-time work or vice versa (art. 138a, para. 3 of LC).

Last edited: 05.03.2019