Art. 25. (1) The school shall be institution in the preschool and school education system, in which school children are educated, trained and socialized and conditions shall be created for finishing a grade and stage and/or for acquiring degree of education. In the cases, provided by this act, the school shall also provide conditions for acquiring vocational qualification.

(2) The school may also perform the obligatory preschool education of children under the conditions and procedure of the state educational standard for preschool education and of the state educational standard for physical environment and the information and library provision of the kindergartens, school and centres for support of personal development.

Art. 173. (1) A student shall be one, who has been subscribed in a school for training for finishing a grade.

(2) A student shall be unsubscribed from school, where:

1. he is moving to another school;

2. he is trained in a day, evening or combined form and has not visited school because of invalid reasons for a period, longer than 2 months;

3. he is trained in a self-study, individual, distance or correspondent form and has not taken the relevant examinations in 3 consecutive sessions.

(3) In the cases under Para. 2, p. 2 and 3, where the student is in a compulsory school age, the School Director shall notify the relevant municipal or regional administration, the regional educational office and the bodies of child protection.

Last edited: 28.02.2019