Basic salary

Basic salary is paid for the performance of the assigned labour tasks, duties and responsibilities inherent to the workplace or position, in compliance with the adopted standards for quantity and quality of work, and the duration of the work performed. Upon application of piece-rate forms and systems of wage payment, the basic salary should correspond to 100 percent implementation rate of the established work standards.  (ORDINANCE ON SALARY STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION art. 4, /1/)

The basic salary or parts thereof may not be replaced by additional or other types of remuneration or payments under collective or individual employment contracts. (ORDINANCE ON SALARY STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION art.. 4, /2/)

The basic salary shall be determined on the grounds of assessment and ranking of the workplaces and positions and agreed in the employment contract between the parties to the employment relationship. (ORDINANCE ON SALARY STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION art.. 4, /3/)

For the assessment of the workplace, the following shall be taken into account:

1. work complexity;

2. the responsibility at work;

3. how hard the work is;

4. the working environment parameters. (ORDINANCE ON SALARY STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION art.. 4, /4)

Last edited: 25.02.2019