Minimum wage: composition and protection

Work performed under employment relationship shall be compensated. Labour Code art. 242

Women and men shall have the right to equal remuneration for identical and equal work. Labour Code art. 243).

The employer shall be obliged,  to pay the specified labour remuneration for the work done; Labour Code art.128 item 1.

Labour remuneration shall be paid in cash. (Labour Code art.269 para. 1).

The gross salary consists of:

1. A basic salary determined in compliance with the legislation in force and the applied system for labour remuneration;

2. Additional labor remuneration  laid down in the Labour Code, the Ordinance on Salary Structure and Organisation, in another statutory instrument or in a collective agreement;

3. Other remuneration, defined in a normative act or in the individual employment contract.

The basic salary may not be less than the minimum wage.

The Council of Ministers shall decree Minimum wage  for the country (Labour Code art.244  item. 1).

Last edited: 09.02.2021